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FLUENT DPM parametric optimization

    • joanlopez654321000

      I'm studying particle deposition in a duct with only air and particles.
      I've defined a wall for counting trapped particles: "Trapping-wall"

      I'd like to use problem optimization with parameters: changing velocity, diameters and so on.  My optimum solution is the one that maximizes the amount of particles mass that get trapped at "Trapping-wall".

      My questions:
      1) Is it possible to create a parameter for measuring the amount of particles mass that get trapped at "Trapping-wall"? Or maybe I should use an indirect measure like flow velocity at some points?

      2) I'm solving it in transient mode, but in the physical situation the system is working steady. Should I use transient or steady with Fluent?


      Regards !

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      For 1) it's a little difficult as the DPM model uses the Lagrangian frame and surface monitors etc are Eulerian (ie attached to the cells). Have a look at the accretion model or Wall film and see if that's what you're after. 

      2) Yes! If the flow field is steady why are you using transient? Equally, is the flow field truely steady or are your experimental instruments not picking up a transient flow feature? 

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