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Fluent doesn’t import Geometry

    • Andrea Pappagallo

      Importing one geom object per program-controlled and one zone per body ...

      C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v222\commonfiles\CPython\3_7\winx64\Release\python\..\Ansys\TGrid\CADReaders.py started by guastaferrog on BTL23088EW winx64 on Fri Jul 28 10:09:15 2023

      using Python 3.7.13 (remotes/origin/bdighole/python/3713/clean_up-dirty:d4e1bece, Apr 6 2022, 00:24:) [MSC v.1920 64 bit (AMD64)]


      using Ansys.Meshing.FieldMesher build May 27 2022 08:47:51


      ERROR:root: not well-formed (invalid token): line 5, column 103


      An internal error occured. Please report all the output from the program,

      including the above traceback, to ANSYS.



      Error: Error in CAD Import

      Error Object: #f


      Error: Error occurred during import.

      Error Object: #f


      Error: Importing the selected file could not be completed. Check to make sure that the selected file format is supported. In addition, check to make sure the CAD Readers are properly configured for the format using the CAD Configuration Manager utility.

      Error Object: #f

      zone not found.


      I already try all the solutions shared in the forum but still nothing is helping me.
      Please can you share a guideline or solutions step by step to avoid this problem.


    • NickFL
      What type of CAD? Do you have the license to read that file type (error message points to this)? Can you import it into SpaceClaim or DesignModeler?
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