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    • desouzadacosta

      Hi All

      I am trying to reproduce the results from an old fluent tutorial (2013). 

      However when I test type the commands in the TUI the following error is echoed.

      Any clue how to make this works in the more recent versions of fluent is very welcome.



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please go to text interface

      Then type 'display' and hit 'Enter'

      You will see more commands and options under 'display'. Similarly go to the required command. There may be change in text commands in latest versions. 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Think through the commands, and then think what you do to create a contour image:

      Pick the contour of interest, maybe set the range and select surfaces.

      Save the image.


      The above is actually a fairly dangerous way of adding the commands: 

      /dis/con fil-thick 0 1e-5

      Is better as it'll use the full path rather than adding that command into whichever level of the TUI you're in. 

      As an aside, use Enter to see what commands are there and q to come back up a level in the menu. 


      As a final pointer(s): all the commands you posted will work, you're missing a line. Also hc is shorthand for hardcopy, that's been superseded by save-picture: hc still works otherwise you'd have heard the ANSYS Fluent teams complaining!  

    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee

      I guess the issue is with second command "dis/views/restore-view view-0"

      It might happen view-0 may not exists in your case. Can you go to your case and check the views whether view-0 is saved or not. Attached the picture for reference. In this image, view-0 is not saved under views.



    • Farzin

      I coudn't find the answer to this problem any where. So, I am writing this for anyone who might be looking for the solution to the error:

      "Error: render-generic: No rendering surfaces have been set."


      The following commands should be entered before displaying the contour:

      disp set cont surf id/name-of-the surface




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