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Fluent – Fatal error in one of the compute processes.

    • amitraj


      I am helping a colleague run Fluent on Linux machine from command line.  Having generated .jou, .cas, .cdat, .msh and a UDF file (C file),  I run fluent from terminal 

      fluent 3ddp -g -t1 -ssh -i  test.jou


      the calculation runs for a little bit and the fails with the following error 



      Fatal error in one of the compute processes.


      here is the partial screen output


      > ;Solving the flow (initial)

      ;solve/dual-time-iterate 1 1


      adapt/                  file/                   server/

      adjoint/                mesh/                   solve/

      define/                 parallel/               surface/

      display/                plot/                   views/

      exit                    report/



      I am not sure how to fix this error. Can someone please help. 



    • Xingchun Wang

      Suppose the text command should not have a ";" in front of it, that works as notation in programming, so fluent actually doesn't know what to do, so it print the text interface for you. You will see the same thing when you launch the GUI and simply press Enter key in the console window. My suggestion is remove the ";" and try again.

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