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Fluent heat transfer not working as expected in some areas

    • Sahan Danansuriya

      Hi all,

      I'm currently doing a heat transfer analysis between a compressor housing and cooling water using Fluent. I'm doing a steady state analysis using the student software (limited to 500,000 elements). The compressor is expected to have two hotspots which I have set up as surface temperatures. However, only one hotspot is working as expected and the other isn't. 

      Both applied surface temperatures are the same. I've attached images of the side that is working and the side that isn't.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated! Happy to provide more information :)

      Edit: Added image captions for clarity.

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sahan,

      Can you please provide me the boundary conditions and cell zone conditions details?


      Chaitanya Natraj

      • Sahan Danansuriya

        Hi Chaitanya,

        Thanks for the reply. All solids were set to be steel and fluid domain to be liquid water. 

        Cell zone conditions:

        Boundary conditions:

        Thanks again! Happy to provide more info :)

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