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    • rasunag27

      Dear All,

           I am running some simulations in fluent in a single 16 processor Computer. I want to know how to run simulation in background via the command line through cygwin interface in windows 10. I have some experience in running background simulation for Converge CFD software and not with ansys. 

         I came through this article while checking for ansys.  https://www.me.psu.edu/cimbala/learning/fluent/fluent_background.htm. With respect to this, I have created case and data file for every frequent iterations using autosave option in fluent.

      1. I want to know how to enable fluent in cygwin? If not cygwin, how to run fluent in background without graphical interface as said in above article. ( I haven't tried running in cmd).

      2. What settings need to be done in fluent parallel setup before running the simulation? Is there any MPI setting to be done. ?

      3. Is the journal file in the article correct? If not, how it should be written ?

      Please help me out with this as it will save a lot of time and will also help me understand running ansys fluent in a computational way.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Sunag R A. 


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you have a look in the Documentation, specifically in the User's Guide > Getting Started > Running ANSYS Fluent you'll find a section covering the options. Note, if you're running without the GUI you can't generate images during the solve. 

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