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    • LorenzoSGRT

      Good day and thanks for the help

      We have downloaded Ansys 2019 and Ansys 2019-R3, we must perform a CFD of a motorbike and in Ansys 2019 we used a SIMPLE solver method but in Ansys 2019R3 if we use the same method appers a turbolent viscosity error that exceed the limt. We check the setting and it is the same. Is there any advice about it ?

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    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Work out what's causing the issue (it's a warning and not an error) and revise the settings: I'd stat with the inlet boundary conditions. Otherwise just increase the limits a bit; for external HVAC (ie flow around a city) I tend to use 1e14 to allow the turbulence to sort itself out. 

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