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    • helen.durand

      Good morning,

      We had a working mesh for a geometry and wanted to do mesh independence tests. We removed the mesh using "Clear Generated Data," but then when try to generate a new mesh with a larger element size, an error message is displayed stating: "A software execution error occurred inside the mesher. The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of usable memory."

      The size of the file while it is saved is much smaller than the available space on the drive. What could be causing this error? Are there are lot of temporary files generated that are then deleted that are taking up space in a way that we cannot see and causing this error, or are there other issues creating the revised mesh?

      Thank you,

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    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please check sizes again. When you say larger element size means how much larger?
      Please consider geometry features while defining sizes.
      Please check following videos

      Ansys Meshing Sizing:
      " target="blank">

      Regards Keyur
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