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Fluent meshing opened unmodified but overwritten .scdoc file

    • li yuanhao

      I am using Fluent Meshing. I opened a file named "part1," and it opened correctly. After making modifications to the model, I overwrote "part1." When I ran Fluent Meshing again and tried to open "part1," it opened the previous version of "part1" with no modifications. Can you please help me understand and resolve this issue? I would appreciate your assistance and guidance.

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      Double-check that you are modifying and overwriting the correct file. Make sure you're not accidentally modifying a different copy of "part1."Fluent Meshing might be using cached data to load the file.Try to close Fluent Meshing completely and then reopen it. 

      Thank you.

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