Fluent Meshing – Stair stepping – 2 bodies

    • Olivier Jedrysek
      Im having problem with stair-stepping in connection betwen 2 diferent bodies in Mesher Fluent. 
      Am i able to match inflation of two bodies as one continuous boundary layer? 
      Here's example of issue...

      On both walls there is the same operation for boundary layer.
      I noticed that aspect ratio can solve this problem but not exactly as it is desired. 

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee


      Can you check these two options? 

      1: "Ignore Boundary Layers at Acute Angles?" under Advanced Options in the Add Boundary Layers task. Set this to 'No'. 

      2: "Use default stair-step handling?" under Global Boundary Layers Settings in the Generate the Volume Mesh task. Set this to 'No, Exclude proximity check'. 

      See if this works. Also, can you explain what exactly do you want, peharps with some illustrations? 


      Thank you,



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