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Fluent not converged and hexdominant mesh method create pyramid elements.

    • Akın Denizman


      I have a fluid domain, and I want to see pressure loss in this domain. I did like 30 different fluid domain analysis that looked like this, and mostly I get this "x% pyramid elements are created" warning. My meshed body's inside looks like this. Sometimes my analysis was converged and sometimes not. I guess this pyramid elements create a problem for me, because when I solve this warning with different methods, my analysis were converged. To solve that problem I try ;

      • Combining Hex-dominant mesh method and multizone mesh method (mesh free type was selected as hex mesh)
      • Using Virtual Topolgy to reduce number of faces in model
      • I try to split my part into different bodies to reduce pyramid mesh elements. Then I assign contacts or share topology.
      • I use fluent meshing and increase quality of meshes, but neither it worked or converged one time.
      • I use different mesh methods but none of them works.

      I used those methods and try to solve convergence problems, but in the model below those methods don't work. So can some one explain how can use hexdominant mesh method better and solve that pyramid mesh problems?




    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please do not use hex dominant method for Fluent solver. Please use tetrahedron method and then proceed. 

      Please go through help manual for more details 

      Please check following videos

      Ansys Meshing Sizing:

      Ansys Meshing: Decomposition for hex meshing:

      Ansys Meshing: Meshing Methods:

      Ansys Meshing: Inflation:




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