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Fluent Not Directly Available in ANSYS 2021?

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    • cwl6750084

      I just installed ANSYS 2021 R2 onto my computer, yet unlike previous versions, one can only call out Fluent by opening the whole Workbench and add a component.

      However, it seems that the other software such as CFX can still be directly opened from the window's start menu without opening Workbench. (You can open CFX by typing CFX on the Window's start menu, it used to be like this for Fluent, but not when typing Fluent, it could not be found.)

      Did I install the software on the computer incorrectly? Can someone help me with this?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Fluent's a bit shy and for some reason is hiding.... Have a look for the fluent.exe in the Ansys folder, probably C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v212\fluent\ntbin\win64\fluent.exe and make a short cut.
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