Fluent solver error when started from Workbench, but not when run in the GUI

    • jcastel

      i have a workbench project containing a Fluent job which is set up to run in several stages using the " Automatically Initialize and Modify Case" functionality under "Manage...".

      When I submit the job from the Fluent GUI, all the "Pre-initialization" commands run fine and the solution runs fine. So i know there is not an issue with the job itself.... However, when I clear generated data then, update the same Fluent job from the workbench interface, all the "Pre-initialization" commands appear to run fine and the same case is initialized the same way but then I get a "Divergence detected in AMG solver: " error. 

      What could cause the solver to run differently when started in the GUI as opposed to from Workbench?


    • Essence
      Ansys Employee


      Divergence can be obtained due to number of factors. You may find more information about the AMG solver here: 32.5. Setting Algebraic Multigrid Parameters (ansys.com)  32.3. Pressure-Based Solver Settings (ansys.com)

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