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Fluent Solution TUI – command for checking “Prevent Reverse Flow”

    • Élio Pereira

      I am using Ansys FLuent Solution 2021 R2 and I cannot find a TUI command for checking "Prevent Reverse Flow" when defining a pressure outlet boundary condition. I tried searching on the respective TUI manual, and there is no reference to it. So, is there no way to check such option through TUI?

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      Try this out: 'define/boundary-conditions/set/pressure-outlet/'

      Once you select zone(s), you will find this: 'prevent-reverse-flow?'

    • Élio Pereira

      Thanks Nikhil.

      I can indeed confirm that such command works.

      The trick is to use that “set” before “/pressure-outlet”, that is,


      instead of



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