Fluent wont start

    • j0nnyy

      Hello everybody,

      i am a student of RWTH Aachen University and have purchased a licence for Ansys from the university software shop. When i start fluent, i get the error shown in the log i uploaded and nothing works. i can neither click on anything on the graphical interface nor end fluent. If i interrupt the console, i just get the message "Interrupting client..." with no effect. Ending fluent with the task manager is the only option.

      Does anybody have an idea what could be the problem? I can work with ICEM for example with no problems, so i assume that it cant be a licensing issue, since the licence seems to work. I tried turning off every antivirus program and firewall there is, but with no sucess.

      So if anybody has encountered this kind of problem before and knows what to do, id be happy to hear recommendations.

      Im using ANSYS Academic Teaching Mechanical and CFD 2020 R2.

      Thank you! :)

    • Karthik R
      Hello,nInstead of attaching your screenshot, could you please embed it directly in your post? Ansys employees are unable to download attachments from the forum.nThank you.nKarthik n
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