Fluent2022 R1 launch error”H5Oget_info_by_name…”


    • Tingyang Chen

      After installing Ansys2022R1 on my laptop, all of these installed sub-software can be runing OK, except for Fluent2022R1.

      When i start Fluent2022R1, win10 pop out a error dialog, as shown in below image:

      [launcher1.exe - Unable to find entry

      Unable to locate program input point H5Oget_info_by_name in dll C:\PROGRA~1\ANSYSl~1\v221\commonfiles\fluids\lib\winx64\libansysfluidshdfsdk.dll ]

      I think the error maybe related to the "HDF5" library, because there have be a lot of softwares, which contain "hdf5.dll", already been installed on my laptop, such as anaconda3(h5py), CATIAV5, abaqus2022, matlab, ...

      And i don't konw which software confilict with Fluent2022's hdf5. 

      Please Senior who can teach me why this error happed and how to fix it?

      Thanks sincerely!🙏 

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee


      Can you provide details about the OS you are using (Windows 10 but which distrbution) and if you are able to detect any error or warning messages in the installation log file?


    • Tingyang Chen
      Thanks for helping me.🙏 
      The OS info as follow:
      Version: Windows 10 Pro
      Version number: 21H2
      Installation date: 10/14/2021
      OS Build: 19044.2130
      Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0
      And i carefully read the installaion log file again, there was no error info in log file.
      All of these installed sub-software can be runing OK, except for Fluent2022R1.
      And i have already uninstall-install ansys2022R1 for several times, but i got the same error as before. Beacuse there are so many software installed on this OS, in another word, the OS environment is not enough pure for ansys, and i can't find which problem cause the error of Fluent. 
      I know a method can fix the error, that is re-install the Win10. But that is not possible for me, there are so many important softwares that i need to use currently.
      So, i want to find a method to fix the error.
      And i try to delete the anaconda' s bin path in OS Environment Variable, because that bin path contain hdf5.dll. After restarting the OS, it pop out a different error dialog when i try to start fluent. The error info as below:
      [ launcher1.exe - Application Error
      Application does not start properly (Oxc000007b). Click OK to close the application. ]
      Confined to my narrow knowlede of OS, i don't konw how to fix it. Can you give me some advise?
      Thanks sincerely!
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