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fluid analysis of Bus interior

    • mario.peres

      Hello, my name is Mario and I am new here. I am also new at using Ansys products by the way. Anyhow, I want to perform a risk assessment for COVID transmission within city buses here in Brazil. I have seen may tutorials and I know how I have to setup my simulation but I cannot do it using an autcad image of a bus that I downloaded from internet. Is there any special needs in the image for this kind of analysis? Could you please let me know where I can find this type of image for this type of analysis? Thanks a lot in advance.

      Best wishes,

      Mario Peres

    • Charudatta Bandgar
      Forum Moderator
      Hello MarioPeres , You will not able to do a simulation on an image file, for that you will need a 3D CAD geometry file (usual formats .scdoc/.step/.part), or you can make it on your own in SpaceClaim, please refer to the SpaceClaim tutorials. Once you have a 3D CAD model, you can create an internal fluid flow study, but the details of which will depend on what you want to achieve and based on your understanding of the problem statement. You can find the fluid flow studies in Discovery here to understand better. Please let me know which tool you are/will be using so that it will be easier to assist. Regards.
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