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Fluid Domain Meshing Issue

    • skdubey

      Dear Friend, I am trying to mesh the tip of this bottom it is a single body part. I am not sure, I am not able to get suitable meshing for this. I use the tetrahedron independent method with the inflation layer for the bottom face 1st image at the left side. Later on, I tried to use the Hex Dom with Quad/Tri and later on with only Quad, I am not able to make the meshing proper I choose 1mm as element size, my first goal is to get proper mesh with a bigger element size and later one I can focus on reducing the size. I also choose the proximity term to enable on the left side case. Any suggestion, who can choose the parameter for better meshing.

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      First off, "Hex Dominant" and CFD should never be mentioned, let alone used together. It's a Mechanical meshing function, and whilst the surface mesh is pretty good the volume mesh is awful.
      As I don't know what you're trying to model it's hard to advise, other than the tutorials are a very useful resource (click on Help to access).
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