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    • eric.heulhard-de-montigny


      I am using the fluid116 element in thermal analysis to build convection between fluid and solid and I would like to obtain a table in a text file which contains the id of the node and the list of the suf151 elements in which this node is connected through the convection.

      I tried to look at the output of these but the surf 151 doesn't have any attribut linked with the fluid 116 and the fluid 116 doesn't have any output liinked to the suf151. So I didn't succeded to write an APDL command that does this.

      I also tried to use Mechanical scipting with the following commands:

      Convection = ExtAPI.DataModel.Tree.FirstActiveObject
      FluidSelection = Convection.FluidFlowSelection
      El = FluidSelection.ElementFaceIndices

      But El does not contains anything.

      I also tried

      Ent = FluidSelection.Entities

      Ent is then a GeoVertexWrapper but I don't know what to do with it then.

      Do you know how I can succed to write this table (before having the result) appart from reading the dat file which contains this information ?

      Kind Regards,

      Eric Heulhard

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Eric


      Perhaps try to open up a support request if you are using a supported a commercial licence which might be the case here.


      Thank you



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