Fluid Flow (CFX) Error: The solver failed with a non-zero exit code of : 2

    • NatKoba


      I'm currently working on immersion cooling system and simulating to demonstrate bubble effects.

      I have the above error message when I changed air diameter from 1.0mm to 2.0mm.

      It was working okay with 1.0mm diameter and every other setting reminds the same.

      How should I make of this error? 2.0mm diameter is too big?

      Please refer to the attached image below for detailed settings:

      There are 16 CPUs, 16 Heatsinks and cooling plate is surrounding the outer layer of the tank.

      The tank is filled with fluid and air is injected from the inlets at the bottom of the tank.

      For more information, please feel free to let me know.

    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Nat,nThis error code is a generic error code in CFX. Typically in CFX, when a solver error occurs, the most meaningful information is in the first error message. Subsequent error messages, like error codes, provide little or no useful information.nCan you upload a screenshot of the CFX out file where the error is first reported? This may show the actual issue.nFor a case like this where you were getting (I assume) converged results and then get solver divergence with a change in geometry, there are two approaches you could take:n1.) Rerun the case and either stop the model or create a backup just prior to the solver crash. Then, in CFD-Post, inspect the solution and see if the pressure, velocity, temperature fields look reasonable. I like to generate a vector plot over the entire domain. If there's an issue in the velocity filed, this approach quickly pinpoints where the issue is. Then, try to understand what caused the problem (mesh quality, boundary conditions, etc.)n2.) Try reducing the change in geometry and re-run the case to see if a smaller change results in better solver stability.nn
    • NatKoba
      Dear rfblumennThank you so very much for your reply!nI am not sure if the images below are clear enough for you... but I have a long list of errors.nThe error I was mentioning is for #16-20 dated Oct 11th.nDoes that mean the problem really is what's said prior ; duplicated boundary condition?nI have corrected it and afterwards it was working fine so I though there is no more problem with the setting. nThen, when I changed the air diameter from 1.0mm to 2.0, I could no longer continue the simulation. nI will try your suggestion #1 and hopefully figure out what's causing the error. nAs for your suggestion #2, I did not make any changes in the geometry, so I can not really 'reduce the change'.nnWarm regards,nNatnn
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