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Ansys Free Student Software

Fluid flow missing from Analysis Systems

    • Felipe_P


      So, I installed Ansys Student 2022 R1, but the fluid flow was missing from the Analysis Systems, then to see if was anything worng I installed de the version 2021 R2 and in this version only the fluid flow was available.

      Version 2022 R1:

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      I would recommend uninstalling all, then remove the Ansys Inc directory that exists under c:\Program files\
      Then install2022 R1 from a fresh download:
      Please let me know if this helps!
      *Right-Click on setup.exe and choose "run as administrator"
    • Uniwite
      I have the exact same issue with 2022R1 and reinstalling doesn't help at all.
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