Fluid Flow -> Static structure

    • nts1209

      I am making the simulation for drying film (200um thickness) in rolling system

      I want to see how the film deform when it is subjected to the force by airflow in order to optimize the position, angle, pressure of the air flow

      I think I might use Fluid Flow (Fluent) -> Static structure. I can make some basics model in Fluid Flow (Fluent) or Static structure separately but I am not familiar with this kind of model

      I have no idea how to get the pressure of the air to make the static structure model to find the deformation of the the film

      Can you give me orientation to modelling this model (or give me some example video which i can apply the techniques in my case)

      I made a draft model for you can understand easily

      Thank you very much and appreciate your help !

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you click on Help and have a look at Fluent and Mechanical you'll find some tutorials. Looking at the configuration I'd also suggest reading up on the coanda effect as I suspect you're going to be seeing it in the results. 

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