Fluid Induced Noise

    • ashrafw1

      I am currently working on a project in which I am trying to simulate a multi-physical problem including fluid-structure-Acoustics Interaction. Does Ansys have the capability of simulating fluid induced noise ( NOT fluid borne noise) ?

    • mcoderon
      Ansys Employee
      Yes Ansys can simulate the noise generated by fluid-structure interaction. Here below are two videos that show a couple of examples:

      Vibro-acoustics - in this case an example of fluid generated pressure waves that make a body vibrate

      Speaker - here the motion of a solid generates the pressure waves.

      I hope this helps answer your question.
    • ashrafw1
      Hello Thank you For your reply .
      So regarding DAVA in the first video , Can I use FSI instead of CFD ? The reason I am asking because I need to get the pressure field from a two-way coupled fluid-structure interaction and use it as an acoustic source. In the example shown, the CFD results were used as input to the structure module but the flow results weren't updated after solving the structure module. I know this depends on the application . But in my application the structure is a human tissue so the deformation will affect the pressure field.
      Moreover, How does ANSYS separate the perturbed pressure part (acoustic part ) in CFD module, I have seen that it takes the pressure field results from CFD and conduct FFT directly .
      Thank you again Best regards
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