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Fluid “Leaking” through embedded mesh in LS-DYNA ICFD


    • amirz013

      I'm doing an LS-DYNA ICFD model of flow moving through a bioprosthetic aortic valve. It's going to eventually be full 2-way FSI but I wanted to first test the fluid aspect to see if it was working properly. I've setup the model and it runs nicely except for the fact that there appears to be fluid "leaking" through the edges of the embedded mesh I put in, even though there isn't any apparent gap in the mesh upon inspection.

      I've attached the entire deck to run the analysis along with the image showing the result.


    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Can you please check the following example?

      LSDYNA Embedded FSI example — Welcome to LS-DYNA Examples (ansys.com)

      Thanks and Regards,

      Ashish Khemka

    • amirz013

      That example works but it uses the CESE cards instead of ICFD. I've found that if I turn off turbulence modeling the "leak" disappears which makes no sense but that has been a solution. I think there's a bug in how the pressure/velocity equations are calculated when there are embedded meshes.

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