Fluid Solid Interaction 2D

    • skdubey

      Hey Friends,



       I am new to the Ansys simulation. I am trying to simulate the flow over the vane. 

      The vane is made of elastomer. Due to water flow, the vane will be deflected.

      I have a few questions. 

      A. I tried to Import the above figure in the Ansys by converting to IGES (using Solidwork). But during meshing, it shows the one surface body itself. I couldn't able to separate or suppress fluid domain and solid domain. Any solution how can we do it?  Using a single surface body, I cant able to perform the boolean operation. To solve the problem, I had created a fluid domain and later on the solid domain in solid work and imported them respectively overlapping each other.  Is it the right way to do?!

      B. I am using transient Structural Analysis system for the solid domain. When I clicked on the analysis setting and clicked on loads, Fluid-Solid Interface is greyed and can't be used anymore!. Is FSI cant work with the 2D figure internet suggest something to use 1 element thick assumption. What is that? How can I use that?

      C. I am also missing the Coupling from my workbench, I tried to reinstall it. but I couldn't see it. 


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