Fluid Solid Interaction Simulation error

    • mh32215

      Hello There,

      Greetings. I am trying to run a fluid solid interaction on a cantilever beam. But unfortunately Ansys Fluent keeps  giving exception and the simulation is showing errors.

      The below stated errors are showing every time.

      1. Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling.  The coupled update for system Fluid Flow (Fluent) threw an exception. Update Solution Failed

      2. (DP 0) A solver failure occurred during the run in the Fluid Flow (Fluent) system.

      Can you please tell me what to do next?

      Thanks in Advance.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      I am not fsi expert, but you can check following. 

      Also please use search option. You may find many post on this community related to fsi. 




      If this helps, please mark this post as 'Is Solution' to help others.

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