Fluid structure interaction for balloon

    • maryam.mosayebi

      Hi everyone.

      I’m trying to simulate balloon. I have used Autodesk Inventor 2019 to draw my CAD files as an assembly of body of the fluid and the body of the balloon. I would like to use workbench to combine fluent with transient structure. End goal is to prim this balloon through the inlet and let it completely become full while the outlet is closed. In next step, I am expecting an increase in the pressure to be represented by the balloon’s wall expansion to a certain pressure value. During this process both inlet and outlet should stay closed. The third step would include having the inlet close and the outlet open while balloon’s wall is compressing to its original size and its voiding/draining the fluid. For your convince I have attached a picture presenting these three steps. As I'm new to workbench, I was hoping if someone could kindly help me with this by giving me a guideline toward this.

      FYI, I am using workbench 19.1.

      Thank you very much,



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee


      Other than filling the balloon what do you want to get from the model? This will help guide which solver (or solvers) you need to use and give the community more information to work with. 


    • maryam.mosayebi


      Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for my delay!

      The end goal of simulation is going to be replicating an expansion of the balloon due to being primed by fluid (I would go for incompressible  fluid such as water) to a certain  level followed by a compression resulting in voiding of the fluid through the outlet.

      At this moment I am hoping to get some result in terms of stress, strain, flow dynamic behavior as a result of this and compare of my result with the experiment similar to the simulation methodology.

      Based on my understanding,  I think the ideal system would require a transient flow (time dependent flow) to replicate pouring (priming) and emptying (voiding) process. I might need transient structure model to replicate the expansion and contraction during priming and voiding process.

      I don't know much about these packages and even not sure if my understanding is correct or not for what I'm hoping to achieve however, it would  be highly appreciated if anyone could please make a working model based on my description, so that it could be a starting point for me.

      I  hope that I managed to give a better view of what I am hoping to achieve. Pleas don't hesitate to ask if anything is not clear.

      Many thanks,



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