Fluid Structure Interaction one way – calculate the thickness on a blade

    • pcaicedo

      Hello all,

      I am running a 1-way FSI using data from Fluent (a steady state with MRF) and Mechanical. The objective is to calculate the required thickness of the blade. If I modify the thickness each time and compute CFD for each model, it will take me so long because the whole mesh has around 7 million cells, thus I would like to know if

      1) I can use a surface of the blade that matches CFD and the model in Mechanical and import the pressure difference from Fluent, or

      2) I can vary the thickness on Mechanical, and then import the pressure of the other side of the blade in that "virtual" surface?

      You can see how the pressure is imported in the suction side, but I need the pressure difference using the pressure side too.

      Kind Regards,

      Paul Caicedo

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Moving to the Multiphysics Category, so that it might get more traction.

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