Fluid-Structure Interaction – problem with stopped calculations

    • destroy

      Hi everyone,

      I am solving fluid-structure interaction problem using Fluent, Mechanical and System Coupling.

      After calculation of a certain number of timesteps (over 800) and obtaining the maximum (20) coupling iterations, I cant get further - calculations are kind of stopped.
      In task manager, the ANSYS applications do not use any resources. I do not obtain any messages - contributing to license or convergence problems, which might cause such situation. Thus I dont have any idea why it is happening; I got typical outputs for succesfull calculations: in Mechanical - "Preparing the mathematical model" and in System Coupling Solution Informations - the convergence data for 20th coupling iteration (which are OK).

      I was waiting two days but nothing changed, then I restarted the computer and calculations and the problem appeared for the same timestep number.

      Please give me some suggestions how could I solve such situation


    • amirmohammad

      I have the same problem, did you find any solution??

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