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fluid volume extract within SpaceClaim

    • desouzadacosta

      Hi All,

      Wondering if anybody knows how to extract the fluid volume between the helicoidal baffles in

      the attached file. The fluid is spiralling downward. 

      Any help is very welcome.


    • peteroznewman

      The idea is to subtract the helical baffle from a new solid that an extrusion of two circles at the OD of the inner tube and the ID of the outer tube.

      However, the construction of the helical baffle is tangent to both diameters, which makes the subtraction difficult. To make the subtraction easy, change the dimension of the profile of the baffle to be 1 mm smaller and larger than the OD and ID of the fluid volume.


      Attached is an ANSYS 19.0 archive.  If you would have said what version of ANSYS you are using, I could have used that version.

    • desouzadacosta

      Thanks Peter.

      The version I am working is 18.0.

    • ChicoElizio


      I am studying combustion chambers of gas turbines and I'm using an annular chamber. To simplify the calculus I use 1/8 (45º. It looks like a piece of cake. I have inlet and outlet and the two other faces are symmetric. I need to extract the internal volume to calculate the flow field. How can I do this if the structure is opened? Can anyone suggest anything?

      ChicoElizioSketch of 1/8 annular chamber

    • parkersheaffer

      There are multiple ways to do it, one way is to extract the internal surfaces and use them to create a new solid body. 

      Select the surfaces and do a copy paste.

      Then sketch in vectors(another way would be to use a blend on the ends which would require no sketching) and use fill to close the shape.

      You will end up with a solid body you can use to measure the volume.  


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