Discovery Import

Discovery Import

Fluid volumes in DL. Advanced post-processing.

    • papp


      I'm working with the Fluids module of Discovery Live. I would like to split the domain to several fluid bodies in order to obtain some data (e.g. mean temperature) from these volumes separately using charts associated to these separate volumes. It would be also nice to allow thermal BCs for these separated fluid volumes (working similarly to the source terms in Fluent).

      Are these currently possible in Live?

      I would also be interested in using charts at internal surfaces within the Enclosure (see the purple one in the first image). It does not seem to work, however we are able to gather data from planes (like in the second image), although this way the whole cross-section of the Enclosure is taken into account.

      Can you propose a method for getting data from internal surfaces and volumes?



    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Bálint Papp

      It seems that both the requirement you have posted, splitting the domain and extracting results at a plane smaller then enclosure cross section, is not allowed . I will confirm this with the team and explore if there is a possible workaround. Will get back to you soon.



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