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FLUID220 error

    • HyunwooKim



      I've installed ANSYS student. Then I tried to solve about Hamonic Acoustic system.


      But I got an error message below.


      Is it possible to solve an Acoustic problem by using ANSYS student?


      *** ERROR ***                           CP =       0.437   TIME= 01:274

       The element option FLUID220 was either not ordered with this ANSYS      

       installation or the appropriate product was not selected for this session.                                                     

    • peteroznewman

      Hi HyunwooKim,

      You can run an acoustic analysis using ANSYS Student.  Here is an example.

      If you want me to look at your model, create a Workbench Project Archive and attach it after you post your reply with any other explanations.




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