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Flux in function of air velocity

    • AntonioCG

      Hello all,

      My name is Antonio and I am trying to simulate a moving pipe. The problem I am facing is that, I know the temperature at the inlet of the pipe. To do that I activate the Energy equation. However, as the pipe is moving, I would like to see the temperature obtained due to the flux of the aire (Given the wind tunel a temperature as well, which is constant).

      To do that I would like to simulate the temperature evolution as function of the velocity of the pipe instead of giving always a Temperature (defined as constant) or a flux (defined also as constant). Is it possible to simulate it in ANSYS Fluent ? If it is possible, how can I do it ?

      I attach the image of the pipe if it hepls. To specify, the inlet of the air is perpendicular to the wall of the pipe.


    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello AntonioCG

      For your question, please post it on ANSYS Customer Portal or ANSYS Student Community or reach out to our Channel Partner, based on the type of license you have. This forum is specifically for seeking support on ANSYS Discovery products. Thank you for your understanding!

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