Flux linkage – current (Lambda_/Lambda_q vs id/iq) data or plot in Ansys

    • Kishan


      I'm new to ansys maxwell. I would like to generate a plot something similar to the attached image. I have the PMSM motor model already setup in rmxprt. I cannot figure how to obtain the flux linkage vs current data for this motor model. Can someone guide me through the steps.

      Many Thanks


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Create a maxwell 2D or 3D model from RMXprt(Right mouse click on the analysis and select Create Maxwell design) and it will create the maxwell model with the result plots including id, iq and flux linkage.
      Then create a parametric with the excitation to get the various values of current and flux linkage.
      Refer Maxwell help section and inbuilt examples for a detailed understanding regarding the above steps.
      Regards Navya

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