Flux type in CFD simulation

    • parth144

      Dear all,

      We are trying measure a drag coefficient of the vehicle using ANSYS 2020R1 version and comparing with the experiment results.

      Question: When we use "Flux type: Rhie-Chow: distance based" and "Flux type: Rhie-Chow: momentum based", it provides differnet value of drag coefficient. "Flux type: Rhie-Chow: distance based" provides drag value of 0.58, while "Flux type: Rhie-Chow: momentum based" provides drag value of 0.38. it should not affect that much in the value. Why I'm getting two different values here? This option in "method" section was not there in previous ANSYS versions like 2020R2. 

      Thank you in advance for the help and support! 


    • Danica
      Ansys Employee


      Have a look at the following link for information on the different flux types:

      32.3.2. Mass Flux Types (ansys.com)

      Would also check mesh resolution to make sure you've resolved boundary and wake flow. 

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      You may also want to have a quick look at this forum discussion: Solution Method – Flux Type (ansys.com)




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