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LS Dyna

Foam Model for Explicit Dynamics

    • HammadShaikh18

      Hello all,

      I am currently working dynamic analysis to study performance of motorcycle helmet which uses EPP as a liner. Since most of the research are done using LS-DYNA. I have found limited knowledge to model the material behaviour of EPP in ANSYS Explicit Dynamics. What model is suitable for his analysis and the material data needed for my simulation. 

    • Arafat_Liverpool
      What is EPP?n
    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      ArrayA good place to start is search the papers of all the prior LSTC LS-Dyna conferences. There is a nice paper on choosing the appropriate foam material model, though it does not address EPP directly. As far as the material you have access to testing equipment? There is a whole world of materials with respect to EPP (different manufacturers, fillers, etc).nnArrayEPP = Expanded Polypropylene I believe. n
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