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Force and Remote Force

    • Muhammad Aditya Nugraha

      I have read several references on the internet. I just want to make sure if the references I've read are valid or not.

      In static structural analysis, what is the fundamental difference between "Force" and "Remote Force"? How is the illustration of their difference in the real world problem? Big Thanks

      Saya sudah membaca beberapa referensi di internet, di sini saya hanya ingin memastikan apakah referensi yang saya telah baca itu valid atau tidak.
      Dalam static structural, perbedaan mendasar dari "Force" dan "Remote Force" itu apa ya?. Bagaimana ilustrasi perbedaannya jikalau diilustraikan dalam permasalahan nyata?. Terima kasih

    • Jorge Auther
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    • Raihan Lutfianto

      Hi Aditya, that's a really good question. The main difference between Force and Remote Force is how you apply the force. In Ansys Mechanical, Force can be applied directly to the body, while Remote Force uses what so-called remote point, and this remote point can be adjusted (xyz coordinate).

      Typically, we use Remote Force to represent a complete system, but we want to minimize the computational cost by not including some components in our FEM model.

      You can also refer to this Difference between Remote and ordinary displacement/force constraints (ansys.com)



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