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General Mechanical

Force convergence diagram in Transient Structural

    • NicoKlein

      Hello everybody,

      I have a question regarding the force convergence diagram in transient structural. Is it necessary that the curve of Force Convergence stays under the blue line force criterion? My Solution converged successfully but in another case that I am simulating, the diagram looks nearly the same but does not converge.

      How can I fix such a problem? Is there anything I can do with Newton Raphson ?






    • peteroznewman

      Yes, the Force Residual must be < Force Criterion for Convergence to be achieved.

      Click on the Solution Information folder and in the Details window is a row called Number of Newton-Raphson Residual Plots. The default is 0. Set that to 3 then Solve.  At the end of the run, the last three iterations are saved under the Solution Information folder and you can see where in the mesh the largest force residual was. Make smaller elements around the location of the N-R Force Residual Maximum.

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