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Force Reaction Ansys LSDYNA

    • Awang Shahariffin Bin Awang Kechil

      Hi, I'm doing a simulation and test validation for impact force plate. The problem now is that, the reaction force from simulation is not the same as the test. I want to know if I am modelling the force correctly. Picture below is the location of the sensor, in the model I make it as fix support, then I use it to capture the force reaction at Z-direction. In actual test, that is the location of the force sensor. Am I model it correctly or is there any other wat?

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      Could you please provide more information by adding more images.

      1. Please show an image with the coordinate system. Which direction represents the z-direction?
      2. How are the boundary and initial conditions applied? Show an image with the scopes of the boundary/initial conditions, and describe them.
      3. What is the force reaction value you obtain from the simulation and what value is obtained in the physical test?



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