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Forced convection


    • Balakumaran
      Hi !
      I am beginner of CFD ,I should to cool one rod (which is 18 mm dia ,54 mm heigh and 80°C continuosly generates) around forced convection Dia 20 mm ,height 54 mm (water inlet = 30 °C ,mass flow rate = 3*10^-4 kg/s ,water outlet = 40°C) .what are the boundary conditions steps need to be consider.
      Could you please tell me the boundary conditions steps to cool this rod.
      Thanks lot !
    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Transient Solver
      Rod modelled as resolved solid zone
      Fluid Zone with boussinesq approximation for density or temperature density. Account for gravity effects.
      Opening or sides as pressure boundaries. If forced convection you probably have a forced inflow. Incorporate it as velocity inlet or mass flow inlet or pressure inlet.

      Start looking in to the standard Fluent tutorials.
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