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Forming Simulation – tooth penetration

    • ghamrawyk


      I am trying to model a forming process where a cylindrical structure with teeth on the outside penetrates a plastic pipe. The forming process is 45 seconds. The geometry is axisymmetric, so I set this from the beginning as 2D Axisymmetric. I've been having trouble running the simulation. 

      My questions are the following:

      Is it possible to have some of the bodies rigid and other flexible? 

      If yes, when I change the body to rigid, a question mark pops up next to the body name with a menu containing an intertial coordinate system, could someone explain to me what is that and how to deal with it?

      Should I use explicit dynamics or transient structural (quasistatic) in such simulation? Knowing that the geometry length is 300mm and the tooth size is 1mm. Mesh attached for just one tooth. The original problem has 200 teeth. 

      Is there an adaptive mesh option in Ansys to change the mesh around the tooth while penetrating the pipe?


      I am attaching some screenshots of the simulation data. Thank you in advance.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator



      Try running a transient analysis. An explicit analysis is generally used for short events (generally fractions of a second). Try a coarse mesh first and then you can try to refine the mesh further.



      Ashish Khemka



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