Forte 17.2 Memory Usage Problem when Valves are closing and opening

    • jlliu

      Hi Everyone


      Recently, I met a problem about the memory usage.


      For a 4 stroke spark-ignited engine model, I see the simulation always freezes at the valve opening and closing which contributes to lowering the simulation speed. The associated big problem is the increasing memory used which limit the cluster or computer that we can use. The attached 2 pictures shows the memory used during simulation.


      Would you mind to please give me some guidance to solve this problem. I think there should be some method to set a maximum cells number for the adaptive mesh simulation. I checked the "simulation control" penal. But I am confused about some terms. So I do not know which to change.


      Currently, I am using Forte 17.2. I checked the "user guide". It seems that Forte 18.0's "user guide" added the "valve opening or region changing".


      Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.


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