Forte | Tutorial 5 | Boundary Condition | Exhaust Valve

    • k1124473
      Hello Ansys,
      In Forte's tutorial 5 under Boundary conditions is says set the Vertices to Transform to Interior, but I can not find that option.
      Can you help?
      The tutorial instruction are above and what I see in Forte is below.
      I am unable to find Vertices to Transform or Interior.
      Is it possible the tutorial is out of date?
      This is not the first issue I have with Tutorial 5.
      Please help!
      Thank you very much.
      Kind Regards,

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Here is how you set it :

    • k1124473
      Hey there I understand I did what you showed me in your figure.
      What about "Vertices to Transform to Interior", as it states in the tutorial?
      Thank you.

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