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Fortran 38 Virtual Runtime Error and large solve time variation on same settings

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    • Chris Strehl


      We have some grad students running structural simulations with Explicit Dynamics and this runtime error is popping up occasionally and then going away without any discernable cause on two systems. What I have been able to find so far suggests either something is already accessing the files, either a previous run or windows maintenance tasks like indexing or the antivirus. We have done some restarts/power down and it has still been there, but then they may come back later and the solve will go without any problems. They also appear to be getting wildly different processing times for the same models. 30 min up to 15 hours on a new machine with dual xeon 16 cores, two A6000 gpus - same number of cores utilized and same model.

      Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

      A common issue is Windows Fast File Indexing is accessing the files. 

      Rt click on the drive and un-check the box...

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