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Found two errors in Snap Fit Buckle Analysis

    • faridnugroho21

      Here is the error I found 

      How to fix this?

    • Aaron N.

      Hi faridnugroho21,

      Since this is a nonlinear analysis, my advice is that you need strictly to follow the How to Video and if the simulation won't work, you can open the completed - snap fit buckle analysis to check on the Material, model and setup parts. 

      On the errors:
      - The first one mean on male body contains a element with highly distorted. It may be caused by element size, contact or your boundary conditions.
      - The second one on convergence failure, that means your model is imbalance, the reaction forces do not match the applied loads after many interations, the the solver stopped.

      You can check on your Frictional contact

      or add a apdl command on your analysis setting

      This command specifies the maximum number of equilibrium iterations for nonlinear analyses.

      I hope this will help.

      Aaron N.

      • faridnugroho21

        Thank you for the answer 😊 i will try it. 

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