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Fracture commands are not sent to the solver for the modal analysis


      Hi, everyone.

      I am trying to do a modal analysis on a model containing semi-elliptical cracks in workbench. The software told me Ftacture commands are not sent to the solver for the modal analysis.

      What should I do? If I have to enter a command what should it be?

      Many thanks


    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Heming

      Please see the Ansys Help -> Workbench Mechanical Help -> Mechanical Application -> Mechanical Users Guide -> Analysis Types; Fracture Analysis.  The supported analysis types for included fracture will be listed.


    • David Weed
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Li,

      This message is indicating that the commands used in calculating the fracture parameters (e.g., SIF/Jint) are not sent to the modal solver. The reason being is that fracture parameter calculation for a modal solve is not supported. The Mechanical User's Guide explains here that fracture parameters are not calculated for a modal/msup-transient analysis:

      You may still include the crack in your modal analysis if you wish, but note that with a semi-elliptical crack, there is no contact between the upper and lower crack face surfaces, so interpenetration may occur. You may wish to use a bonded contact pair in this case.

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