Freezing droplet on a cold surface with volume change

    • smoradi

      I have to simulate the freezing of a water droplet on a cold surface.
      My goal is to simulate the conical shape of the drop. I have a few questions
      1- How can I model the volume change of a sessile droplet?
      2- For 3D simulation, the first geometry should be a sphere shape.
      4- How to consider boundary conditions?
      3- Is it needed to change the solver by UDF functions?
      4- Is it necessary to consider dynamic mesh?
      Could you assist me in modelling the solidification of a sessile water droplet on a cold surface by considering volume change?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Have a look at VOF and the solidification/melting model in Fluent. No need for deforming mesh, but you may want to review dynamic adaption. And Patch to get the initial droplet. 

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