Fresh Electronics Desktop Install (full educational license) won’t launch on Windows 7

    • holloway


      I have a Windows 7 VM running on my MacBook. I've been regularly running HFSS Version 17, 18.0, 18.2 without issue. I have a full (academic) license. I downloaded and installed the R19 EDT software this morning. When I launch the software, I get the splash screen and a message saying it is waiting on the license server for about a minute. At this point, the software crashes.


      To be clear, I can still launch and use AnsysEDT version 17, 18, 18.2 without issue. The license server is running just fine. When I installed the R19 software, I selected "use existing license" and encountered no issues. 


      I have rebooted the VM a number of times. Each time I reboot and attempt to start EDT R19, I received a dialogue stating the software was unable to check out a number of licenses (hfss_gui, etc.).


      A Lic. Manager or port problem?

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