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Friction spot welding

    • tamer elsayed

      i am simulating a friction stir spot welding process which includes a large deformation and modification of the contact and mesh shape 
      i am applying a rotational speed on the cylindrical tool, after trying all ways, the tool didn't rotate, which lead to incorrect simulation, and accordingly,  reduce the frictional heating and reduce of the volume loss due to wear

      i feel that there is some conflict between the element or contact type that i used with the rotation command, but after my extensive study, i know that the element type and contact type used are mandatory to perform the process
      also, i tried using cylindrical joint instead of rotational velocity, or remote displacement with y rotation, but also not working 

      any help to let the tool rotate

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Perhaps you could try this in 2D and apply rotational velocity is similar way as demonstrated in Chapter 43 of the R2022-R2 WB Showcase Example Problem.  Use many time increments and sufficently fine mesh.

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