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Frictional contact

    • waleedkhalid

      Hi. I have a bolted joint of two non-flat flanges. There is a frictional contact between the two flanges. My question is: Will the option "adjust to touch with program controlled pinball region" close totally the gap between the flanges or it will just ensure an initial contact between the flanges?

      I want to create an initial contact between the flanges and close the gap totally. Can you help me with this?

      See the attached drawing.    

    • peteroznewman

      Turn off Adjust to Touch.

      Insert a Contact Tool into the Connections folder and evaluate the Initial Contact Status. If all the contacts are closed, you don't need Adjust to Touch.

      Even if there is a gap that is Near Open, that means the contact will close on its own. You don't need Adjust to Touch.

      Adjust to touch moves the entire contact surface, without deformation, in XYZ until the smallest gap between the two surfaces has closed.

      I only add Adjust to Touch when the solver cannot get started because it overshoots closing a contact, but if you use a lot of initial substeps, you can often get it started without Adjust to Touch.

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